Devolution [noun]

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It is an old native element recast in Roman form, and well illustrates the Roman principle of local government by devolution.

This argument for the obligation of the Consuming Class is based upon the devolution of duties.

It was thus that the first of his wars for the extension of frontiers began, the War of Devolution.

The principle of local devolution is carried somewhat further in Madras than in other provinces.

It is only when a partition takes place that the devolution of the shares by inheritance has to be traced.

During this time the Government had given no sign that the Devolution movement might not find favour in their sight.

The mildest proposal of all is devolution; in other words, the concession to Ireland of a larger measure of local self-government.

Its fundamental principles are involved in the retention, preservation, and devolution of property.

And this devolution of the Promise discloses the real intent of the Mosaic law, as an intermediate and disciplinary system.

The real fact is that the whole subject of the descent and devolution of badges is shrouded in mystery.