Hasp [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hasp:

Shortly after, Jemmy saw the pig go to the gate, but in lifting it off the hasp the scythe-blade cut the end of the Snout off.

It was the newest of the books, and evidently an attempt had been made to force the lock, for the hasp was badly wrenched.

Feeling around in the dark he found a hasp and staple and pulled out the plug which fastened the barrier.

So noiseless was it that Muller could almost have believed his eyes had deceived him until he heard the hasp rattle.

He only hoped that the staples at either end of the hasp were clinched.

A thumbpiece must be sewn on the bag at the hasp to open it by.

Tom Halstead swung 70 the hatchway door shut, forced the stout hasp over the staple and fastened the padlock in place!

It was oblong and had no key, but a sort of leather hasp, and was curiously knotted with string—rather like a boot-lace.

Catching sight of the visitors she halted in startled fashion, with her hand on the hasp of the gate.

The hasp flew from the pine log into which it had been inserted, and the door was driven back against the opposite wall.