Underpinning [noun]

Definition of Underpinning:

supporting structure

Synonyms of Underpinning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underpinning:


Sentence/Example of Underpinning:

Of all the generation of rogues, he was least fitted to barter away his underpinning.

If your underpinning is all right it is not difficult to be straight above.

After its underpinning in 1888 a thorough repair of it was undertaken.

For the moment he fancied that he would jerk bodily from off his underpinning.

The Cat, or Sow, was in constant use for mining and underpinning walls.

In fact, the use of underpinning at that time seems to have been uncommon.

The swift current tugged at the underpinning, threatening to carry it away.

With Penny holding the board, Mr. Parker nailed it to the underpinning.

As to the length of his underpinning, that was apparent also.

Your way of underpinning the track is pretty good, but I don't like that plan.