Sidelong [adjective]

Definition of Sidelong:

roundabout; unintended

Opposite/Antonyms of Sidelong:

Sentence/Example of Sidelong:

Kirkwood could see his shamefaced, sidelong glances; and despised him properly for them.

Full into the firelight, with a stealthy, sidelong movement, glided a doglike animal.

But she heard her chuckles; she could feel her sidelong glances.

He again gave his boy that sidelong look and laughed his voiceless laugh.

His sidelong glances cannot miss the irregular, chalked characters.

Mr. Drayton gave Hugh a sidelong glance of great astuteness.

Genevive curtsied with a puzzled air and a sidelong glance at her sister.

He shot her a swift, sidelong glance; then stopped, and turned.

His quiet eyes took the other in in a quick, sidelong glance.

"And the bogs are deep," McMurrough said, with a sidelong look.