Echelon [noun]

Definition of Echelon:

class, level

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Opposite/Antonyms of Echelon:

Sentence/Example of Echelon:

Baron has worked in the upper echelons of newsrooms throughout his career.

Arguably, the more truly premium stuff that gets produced by Hollywood for streaming — in other words, the more these services represent the higher echelon of Hollywood — the better it is for us.

The industry commonly recycles ideas, and designers from its lowest ranks to its upper echelons look to the past for tomorrow’s concepts.

At the upper echelons of the sport, where every move counts, there’s pressure on athletes to do all they can to make themselves stronger, while also getting smaller and lighter.

The highest echelon of TikTokers can charge up to $200,000 per post, but those who have follower counts in the range of 1 million to 5 million typically charge between $5,000 and $15,000.

They did a lazy circle of the room, swung into an echelon and performed a slow chandelle, before dropping into Bobby's hand.

I couldn't quite see the stratified society outlined by Scholar Phelps as holding a position open for her in the top echelon.

The cuirassiers getting into line first, charged at once, the 16th following in echelon.

Portions of his forces were arranged in echelon in some of his other battles.

I ordered him to wheel his brigades to the left, to advance in echelon, and to catch the enemy in flank.