Interregnum [adverb]

Definition of Interregnum:

in the intervening time

Synonyms of Interregnum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interregnum:


Sentence/Example of Interregnum:

The establishment of a British Consulate there, after a long interregnum, was either the cause or excuse for an outbreak.

Thus the Civil War and the Interregnum (1642-60) may be regarded as marking a watershed in the financial history of the country.

I do pity you, with the drunken Christmas workmen keeping you in this uncomfortable interregnum.

Moreover, the severest prohibitions were naturally mitigated during an interregnum.

Thus did the hours creep on until darkness with its interregnum of peace had fallen on the city.

But the interregnum was of brief duration, for, to our unspeakable horror, the bombardment was resumed at nine o'clock.

After a considerable interregnum he was succeeded by Marcellus, with whom he has sometimes been confounded.

To-day this same Mr. Lamar, after an obscure interregnum, was with Mrs. Lamar looking over Washington for an apartment.

There was an interregnum for two years, and only one man in the island thought that there need ever again be a king of Niu-Fekai.

At the time when I joined the staff there was a sort of interregnum in the literary department.