Standstill [noun]

Definition of Standstill:


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Sentence/Example of Standstill:

And I think he's going to whipsaw the market to a standstill this time, for sure.

I've seen some fresh kids playin' the horses, but he had 'em all beat to a standstill.

But we had an accident, now, and it fetched all the plans to a standstill.

Only then is the engine working on its bed-plate brought to a standstill.

There was a train in front of us at a standstill, with a broken brake, and the line had to be cleared.

As production and trade were nearly at a standstill, the misery was boundless.

Time and again I have seen men of the latter class walked to a standstill.

Then he suddenly sat up and brought his horses to a standstill.

The campaign had almost come to a standstill owing to typhus.

The cab came to a standstill just before she reached it, and two women got out.