Deadlock [noun]

Definition of Deadlock:

stalemate, impasse

Synonyms of Deadlock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadlock:

Sentence/Example of Deadlock:

The bill, which also banned police from using rubber bullets and tear gas, was passed on December 1 by both the state’s House and Senate after senior lawmakers overcame months of deadlock to reach a consensus.

Tricoire laid out Schneider’s challenge—how to increase global access to energy while resolving “the deadlock” of climate change.

Until the federal deadlock ends, Land O’ Lakes and HP are working on their own, smaller-scale solutions to the digital divide.

After weeks of deadlock, the two parties are finally moving closer to a stimulus deal.

He wanted to get back at the old hound somehow—without giving in an inch in the mute deadlock.

And into the midst of this racket burst the news that the negotiations with Germany, Russia and France were at a deadlock.

A capitalist deadlock of markets brought on in 1914 the capitalist collapse popularly known as the World War.

There had been,—so they had said,—peculiarities so peculiar that it might be that the much-dreaded deadlock had come at last.

I got nowhere, until, in a manner as sudden as it was unexpected, something happened which ended the deadlock.

The King refused to make the required concessions, hence the deadlock which the Russian Diet was called together to discuss.