Unflawed [adjective]

Definition of Unflawed:


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Sentence/Example of Unflawed:

Neither did the unflawed respectability of the clerks betray any chink or crevice in which to harbor a doubt.

Public attention as regarded the young man remained at a mirror-like calm, unflawed by even the mildest curiosity.

I conceive memory as a pure, unbiased emotion, an image of past life cast upon an unflawed mirror.

After all, great souls frequently cling to those of lesser calibre, provided they are true and unflawed.

For such an unflawed nerve Blackwell knew his jerky rage was no match.

The lovely profile, in its supreme and unflawed beauty, came into his mood as the conception of the fantasy.

As the son of John Beaudry he was expected to show an unflawed nerve, whereas his eager desire was to run away and hide.

Here the music was unflawed; there were no digressions, no eccentricities, no sacrifice to the actor.