Foolproof [adjective]

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Experts worry that members of the public may use the results from such tests as tacit permission to disregard precautions such as wearing masks or maintaining distance from others — even though the tests are not foolproof.

There isn’t a foolproof solution, but a tight fit along your cheeks and nose will help a lot.

In air transportation, the largest and most modern jets are becoming almost foolproof, with the pilots in command for less and less of any given flight.

While there’s no single foolproof way of detecting life, Lingam says, considering multiple lines of evidence would reduce the chance of a false alarm.

The most foolproof option, however, is to fill out and return the ballot as soon as it arrives.

It was a nearly foolproof way to make sure that you could talk to the people you trusted, but that no one else could listen in.

Five hours to devise one more completely foolproof method of bringing about the eventual ruin of the association.

He tried to figure out some foolproof way of cabling to Havana, but the censorship hazards were too great.

There are a few sequences of words that really are foolproof, carrying their own atmosphere and dignity with them.

With the finest pen he traced the curlicues an engraving lathe had evolved to make the passes foolproof.