Automated [adjective]

Definition of Automated:

made or done by a machine

Synonyms of Automated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Automated:

Sentence/Example of Automated:

The idea of an automated voice assistant may bring back unpleasant memories of trying to call your bank or another Byzantine customer service department.

McCarthyFinch AI services platform automates tedious legal tasksThe talks heated up in May and the deal officially closed last week.

The company has increasingly turned to automated systems to help augment the 15,000 human content moderators, many of them contractors, that it employs across the globe.

This is done by asking your customers to open the automated email they get immediately after subscription in order to get the lead magnet you sent and add you up.

McDonald’s is using the tech to help automate its drive-throughs.

Contact tracing, both manual and automated, still isn’t delivering desperately needed results at scale.

You can also choose from a variety of automated solutions, some of which use artificial intelligence to scan and fix issues.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Apple’s upcoming Pro Raw image format, which promises more control over some of the automated imaging systems it applies to photos.

You might think that I automated the WiFi shutdown because I was worried about “screen time.”

She donated her WNBA salary to her Hopey’s Heart Foundation to buy automated external defibrillators for years before switching that to covid-19 relief and social justice causes this season.