Become [verb]

Definition of Become:

evolve into

Opposite/Antonyms of Become:

Sentence/Example of Become:

It will be a busy session; and I want to see if I can't become a useful public man.

My son,” said Grabantak one evening to Chingatok, “if we are henceforth to live in peace, why not unite and become one nation?

You will follow the suite of my daughter to Spain, and you will become the bosom Counsellor of the wife of your Prince?

The children of sinners become children of abominations, and they that converse near the houses of the ungodly.

I shall soon depart, and practise no more; and my time will become my own—still my own, by no means yours.

Free discussion—never a very free thing in Russia—has now on any general scale become quite impossible.

Further enlightenment (as with men) comes through grace as soon as they become beati through turning to good.

He shall pour frost as salt upon the earth: and when it freezeth, it shall become like the tops of thistles.

That title of Castile might become the cherished ideal in the Philippines if it were valued as I desire.

So far Murat had always held subordinate commands; his great ambition was to become the commander-in-chief of an independent army.