Federate [verb]

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But when de time come dat long neck gander out fit de whole 'Federate army.

The founder of our federate republic, our bulwark in war, our guide in peace, is no more.

The object of the law was to conciliate the states at war with Rome and to secure the loyalty of the federate states.

De mis'tus say, 'Silas, you sho was thirteen years old when dat 'Federate War wound up!

I had plenty of 'federate money, only it wouldn't buy nothin'.

Meanwhile a movement was under way to federate the unions of a single trade.

Valerian was also probably a barbarian, as he commanded a division of federate cavalry in the African war.

Either the two States federate and form a united State, or one of them conquers and annexes the other.

On the 18th, Lafayette reviewed the provincial or federate National Guards, and on the 19th they were reviewed by the king.

The British self-governing Colonies show a tendency of democracy to federate.