Estimating [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Estimating:

Mr. Siggins frowned, but, being a politician and partially estimating the quality of his man, he did not protest.

Mr. Shaw further proposed that Sir Robert Peel's mode of estimating the qualification of electors should be adopted.

The influence of these religions on art, science, and social life, must also be weighed in estimating their value.

The circumference of the valley, estimating around the crest of the mountains, is 67 leagues.

They were anxious for the change, but quite incapable of estimating its results.

The reader will find this exceedingly practical in estimating food values for the household.

He was a savage, untaught in the arts and refinements of civilization, and in estimating his character this should be considered.

Little did they suspect what an eye was upon them, watching their movements, and estimating their motives!

But after all the battle is the climax, and the world in general may be forgiven for over-estimating it.

And observe how we feel this, in the kind of respect we pay to such knowledge as we are indeed capable of estimating the value of.