Verifying [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Verifying:

What is the use of verifying them so far as believers are concerned?

For the verifying of which Conclusion, I promise to aunswere to the 74.

He not only revived an old hypothesis, but he saw the necessity of verifying it by facts.

"There is one unanswerable means of verifying it," said Malicorne.

Jimmy spent an endless time in verifying and testing everything.

This morning I had an opportunity of verifying the truth of this remark.

But it is a book of breadth, full of wisdom which every age is verifying.

I say the revelation is of the utmost importance, and no time must be lost in verifying it.

Then he thought of a very simple method of verifying his conjectures.

I am verifying the same ideas in my own personal experience.