Corroborating [verb]

Definition of Corroborating:

back up information, story

Synonyms of Corroborating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corroborating:

Sentence/Example of Corroborating:

If you have heard ten mutually-corroborating statements and the eleventh is made by an old maid, it will be different.

Again he ran a hand over the features, then a corroborating hand over his own.

Not he, who, in corroborating my tale, must publish his own disgrace!

But he got there first—and so on and on, corroborating Correy's story in every particular.

And Professor Sidgwick speaks of this as corroborating the conclusion already drawn by Mr. Gurney nearly ten years earlier.

All these corroborating circumstances, together with her present attitude, answered in the affirmative.

DePriema completed the identification by corroborating the watch chain and the crucifix.

The importance of this as corroborating the authenticity of the narrative, can scarcely be over-estimated.

Each member of the Committee reported separately, agreeing with, and corroborating the first statement.

The frequency of Scriptural quotation pleased him, and he was fond of corroborating them by a pocket Bible.