Evaluation [noun]

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In most cases, evaluation of these AIs is done in-house and in favorable conditions.

By separating the good from the bad, the new standards will make this kind of independent evaluation easier, ultimately leading to better—and more trustworthy—medical AI.

Instead, their hedonic evaluation of the vacation is best explained by a combination of how good or bad the vacation was at its peak, and how good or bad the vacation was at its end.

This “peak-end rule” for how we make evaluations of experiences was first described by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and colleagues.

Collecting data on police encounters with the public for purposes of research, evaluation, and improvement is a vital first step.

Ecommerce, BOPIS, local business discovery, and evaluation—whatever the product or service, and whatever the service delivery model, consumers take to search engines to find the information needed to make their purchasing decisions.

If you split the two, you focus the evaluation process on SEO.

I also interviewed scientists involved in the studies cited in the story and scientists who were not involved in the studies mentioned for independent evaluation of the evidence.

Unlike the 50-year term held by SDG&E, the new agreement needs to have a much shorter term, five years, to allow for performance evaluations and ensure that clean energy goals are met.

It also creates additional stresses for teams who want to do a complete evaluation of an athlete’s capabilities.