Disestablish [verb]

Definition of Disestablish:

do away with or put an end to

Synonyms of Disestablish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disestablish:

Sentence/Example of Disestablish:

Really, if this is all the "loyal laity" can do, I may as well disestablish myself.

Nijni-Novgorod (99,000) is noted for its fair, an Asiatic institution which modern civilisation will no doubt soon disestablish.

It is thought right to disestablish the Church: well, then, let the Clergy go!

The great business of the session of 1869 was, of course, the Bill to disestablish and disendow the Irish Church.

You must not disestablish the Church: you must not even leave the Church: you must stop inside it and think what you choose.

These forcible-feeble reactionaries are much more likely to explode a revolution that will disestablish us.

Besides, what person in his senses would think of trying to disestablish John Backhouse?

You see they want to disestablish everything; but I'm a pretty big landowner here, and I don't want to be disestablished.