Restart [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Restart:

State intervention is needed in order to restart the economy.

Impossible to restart the whole of the creation for the sake of Norway.

According to the people whom Jan questioned she looked sad certainly, but she was always willing to restart on her way.

When I was quite cool I again examined the spoor, determined to restart my line from there and use the trees as a base.

Loans were promised to the farmers to restart them in business, and a pledge was made that farms should not be taxed.

They restart work with a bustle which would excite veritable pity in any man but a bee-keeper.

It was his thought and care to reform these records and restart the Chronicle as a great national archive.

The machine chuffed ponderously past, and Merriman, by now rested, turned to restart his bicycle.

He gallantly tried to restart the gun, but the enemy were now upon him, and he had no alternative but to retire without the gun.

Then he would settle down to a changed life, and restart with a new set of morals.