Victorious [adjective]

Definition of Victorious:

successful, winning

Synonyms of Victorious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Victorious:

Sentence/Example of Victorious:

"Or any other man who ever bent a long-bow," cried his victorious adversary.

It is not so correct to say that we shall be victorious as that we are so.

Naturally, this threat had no effect upon the victorious blacks.

The victorious army of Aguilar is rapidly advancing against us.

The Christians paused for a moment in their victorious career.

They were standing there waiting for him to possess himself of his victorious hold.

Why were the English victorious in the great battle with the Armada?

It was enough for him if he fought like a man and came off victorious.'

The honor of this day was, curiously, not to the victorious, but to the defeated army.

Only the victorious culminating instant of the gesture was blurred to him.