Rambunctious [adjective]

Definition of Rambunctious:

loud, energetic

Synonyms of Rambunctious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rambunctious:

Sentence/Example of Rambunctious:

She was so strong in the wrists and fingers that she could hold them when they were rambunctious.

Dan hates Injuns, an' he'd sure be rambunctious 'bout this one.

Just because I don't like rambunctious play doesn't mean I want to sleep all the time!

There seemed to be more than twenty of them; that, though, was due to the flitting movements of their rambunctious forms.

There had been no cowboys watching the steers, for the corral had always been strong enough to hold the most rambunctious.

Wraiths now have a rambunctious vitality and self-assurance that are astonishing.