Civilize [verb]

Definition of Civilize:

make cultured; develop

Synonyms of Civilize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civilize:

Sentence/Example of Civilize:

A person who had resided some time on the coast of Africa, was asked if he thought it possible to civilize the natives?

Nothing but slavery ever partially civilized him, nothing but slavery continued in some form can civilize him further!

But our object in the country is to civilize and Christianize the Indian tribes among whom we are located.

Are they useful men helping to civilize and elevate their less fortunate fellows?

History furnishes us with abundant and specific evidence of his capacity to civilize and Christianize.

With the exception of the railway I am not aware that any attempts have been made to civilize the Manchus.

Mendoza the better to civilize these turbulent tribes, chose a site for a city in the midst of their population.

His aim was to civilize the people whom he had conquered--to rule not by force but by law.

It is in the temperate region also that the best results have been reached in attempting to civilize the Indians.

They supported churches and schools of a certain kind and considered themselves qualified to civilize Africans.