Countryside [noun]

Definition of Countryside:

non-city environment

Synonyms of Countryside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countryside:


Sentence/Example of Countryside:

I won’t try to describe, nor do I remember, the hundreds of miles that I drove with one eye on the road and one eye scouring the passing countryside.

In the Middle Ages, Cistercian and Benedictine monks in Burgundy, France, divided the countryside into climats, according to subtle differences in the landscape that seemed to translate into unique wine characteristics.

Because of how stones were placed, that speech or music would not have projected beyond Stonehenge into the surrounding countryside, or even to people standing near the stone circle, scientists report in the October Journal of Archaeological Science.

Together, the data imply that the post-pandemic cityscape may be less sexy than the countryside.

Behind the shop is another mighty fellow, known all over this countryside as the 'Great Balm of Gilead.'

He wanted to see his possessions, to feel his own earth beneath his feet, to feast his eyes on the glorious countryside.

This the girls did not fully realize until later, when they began to ride around the countryside.

But he never went outside the Walls, by reason of the Armagnacs, who were raiding all the countryside round the city.

There is warmth of summer in both tales, and thrilling air and the beauty of the wild countryside.

Early on the morrow Hakon rode out from the homestead of Biorn over the countryside, asking withersoever he went for Astrid.