Scenery [noun]

Definition of Scenery:


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Sentence/Example of Scenery:

The scenery in this portion of the river is highly exciting.

The ballet's good, the scenery is splendid, and the music might be worse.

Between Auxerre and Autun much of the scenery has an English look.

The scenery before the gorge of the river is reached is gloomy, but grand.

They all proceed thither; the scenery of the lake, and the monsters that dwell in it, are described.

I made him understand this by turning my face towards the scenery we were passing.

The scenery is very varied, and there is much in it to attract our regard.

He appeared to be whistling a tune and regarding the scenery.

Some stage carpenters were busy, working overtime on a piece of scenery.

Some are pictures of scenery; most are characteristic representations of the children.