Properties [noun]

Definition of Properties:

possessions, real estate

Synonyms of Properties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Properties:


Sentence/Example of Properties:

These properties of amber and lodestone appear to have been widely known.

They look up some dresses, and properties, and have a piece written to fit 'em.

In the case of divorce there will then be no difficulty in separating the two properties.

These properties of numbers are true, and should be ascertained with a view to use.

It may be worth while to examine the properties of the charcoal with this view.

All properties looked better while the real owner had his eye on them.

Amoebiform: having the appearance or properties of an amoeba.

The bodies and the properties of livings things are cosmic, not chaotic.

The inventories included also the furniture and properties of the sacristy.

They had other properties of mind, other capabilities that men did not have.