Premises [noun]

Definition of Premises:

grounds and buildings

Synonyms of Premises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Premises:


Sentence/Example of Premises:

And, certainly, a truer deduction than this has never been drawn from any premises whatever.

Though I should allow your premises, I must deny your conclusion.

But we put it on the irrefragable logic of the materialist's own premises and conclusions.

And what, at this rate, is the general conclusion to be drawn from the premises?

It did not occur to her to question his right to be on Mrs. Camp's premises.

Let the leatherist guard his premises with a good-sized Black—and tan.

These things are mentioned to establish my status in the premises.

It'll be a load off my mind to know they've got a man on the premises.

Admit these premises and the way is clear towards perfection.

His premises were raided by the Bavarians after the Battle of Beaumont.