Regimen [noun]

Definition of Regimen:

systematic plan

Synonyms of Regimen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regimen:


Sentence/Example of Regimen:

Regimen and not medicine is the true cure, when a man has time at his disposal.

Wentwort' must go to his regimen', and my ot'er officers are all occupi'.

She commenced by taxing him with his book against her 'regimen.'

The regimen I had to undergo on this occasion was far from agreeable.

We follow exactly what you have prescribed for their regimen and their studies.

The disease can be remedied only by regimen,—that is, by diet and training.

If this agrees with him, and he keeps in fair condition, continue the regimen.

But I am now on a system of cure by regimen: I am tired of surgery.

Madame, it seemed, had prescribed a regimen, and meant to have it followed.

Dr. Dewey's advice in the "No-Breakfast" regimen is excellent.