Blocking [verb]

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You don’t get much in the way of ad blocking or tracker protection by default with Pale Moon, but there are plenty of add-ons to pick from in a variety of categories.

Aditya Padhye, director of business development at EyeOPadhye is the director of business development at EyeO, a firm that provides ad blocking software and allows people to control the types of ads they will accept.

High quality news coverage of the coronavirus crisis has been deemed partisan, and coronavirus keywords have landed on keyword blocking lists.

Therefore, it seemed operators might be able to get away with blocking or slowing down customers’ general Internet use once they reached their data caps, while still allowing favored services to run unimpeded.

In 2019, the Chiefs’ and Texans’ offensive lines earned nearly identical pass blocking grades from Pro Football Focus, yet Watson took more than twice as many sacks as Mahomes did.

Indeed, everything is a bit more complicated, and the rise of ad blocking appears to be quite a fair response to a poorly thought out brand-user communication.

Nobody notices you if you kneel down on the road to say your prayer, in spite of the fact that you are blocking the traffic.

Lawrence ordered one of the teamsters who had not entirely lost his head to swing his wagon across the road, blocking it.

The apparent impossibility of the project rose before him like a stone wall, blocking further progress.

Lafayette with a large army of French and Americans was already blocking the neck of the peninsula.