Mutilation [noun]

Definition of Mutilation:

hurt, harm

Synonyms of Mutilation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mutilation:

Sentence/Example of Mutilation:

No mutilation, no gore; just an effacement—prompt and absolute—'there wasn't any.'

And his fate was to be vengeance of a like mutilation of his own fair cheeks!

He was told that his mutilation and imprisonment had been illegal!

Mutilation of a vanquished enemy is common among these Islanders.

Among slaves perjury was punished by mutilation and whipping.

The history of the mutilation is characteristic of the days of the Regency.

My dear fellow, I have no more power to stop that mutilation of my books than you have.

It is said "to the bee itself this mutilation proves fatal."

The danger of atrophy is sufficient reason for the mutilation.

The effigies on the altar-tombs have been singularly preserved from mutilation.