Sarcasm [noun]

Definition of Sarcasm:

mocking remark

Synonyms of Sarcasm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sarcasm:

Sentence/Example of Sarcasm:

He now and then indulges in sarcasm, which is, in most cases, very felicitous.

The sarcasm was without effect on the dull sensibilities of the officer.

The commissionaire regarded him contemptuously, but did not reply to the sarcasm.

"No," said the other, still with that latent touch of sarcasm in her voice.

"Only," repeated the old gentleman; but Geoff detected no sarcasm in his tone.

He asked it with a smile, but with some sarcasm in his tone.

Caroline seemed to be the only one who appreciated the sarcasm in this observation.

"It is marvelous how affection can be concealed," I observed, with sarcasm.

"It seems to be about as it was," I agreed, with some sarcasm.

There was sarcasm in this remark, sarcasm of which I should have been ashamed.