Rationalization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rationalization:

But the Zen's question, even my rationalization of my reaction to it, had given me a chill.

For no rationalization in the universe would allow him to define her as human.

Rationalization and ratiocination merged in her mind very readily.

It is not the rationalization of Jewish dogma that he is interested in, nor the reconciliation of religion and philosophy.

Juristically this seems to be a rationalization of the Roman innominate contract.

Rationalization: The process of substituting a plausible, false explanation for a repressed, unconscious desire.

They either run to religion, and try to drown it in ritual—or they try to explain it away by some rationalization.

Mark Twain's attack upon the failure of human life was merely a rationalization of the failure in himself.

Keep going and tell me what your rationalization and thinking was at that time.

You can become entangled with rationalization so easily when you want the facts to fit a particular theory.