Spoilage [noun]

Definition of Spoilage:


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Sentence/Example of Spoilage:

They were usually present during warm weather when spoilage was worst.

Besides this increase in production there is the decrease in spoilage.

Spoilage of products is nearly always due to carelessness in one of these steps.

Now in connection with the spoilage and rotting that is another matter.

Anything that came in cans or packages that seemed safe from spoilage was carefully stowed away in the cave.

This shows that the germs and their spores or seeds are the only causes of spoilage that we have to deal with in canning.

We have had some where poisons may have generated because spoilage has set in.

The longer the menu list, the more labor, equipment, food wastage and spoilage.

If any spoilage should occur on the surface, this layer will protect the vegetables beneath.