Autocracy [noun]

Definition of Autocracy:

government by one

Synonyms of Autocracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autocracy:

Sentence/Example of Autocracy:

Against an autocracy as powerful as the Romanoff dynasty, rebels have never before contended.

The cancer of autocracy is eating into the vitals of Austria.

The collapse of the Prussian autocracy involved that of the lesser German potentates.

Discusses various programs for the change from industrial autocracy to industrial democracy.

The close relation between finance and general policy is most impressively illustrated in this failure of benevolent autocracy.

Important elements in German life struggled against this swaggering new autocracy.

An autocracy would no doubt have been admissible as a fully self-governing democracy with a franchise limited to one person.

We are asked, however, to believe that French militarism is maintained by a "democracy" and German militarism by an "autocracy."

The proud sphinx-riddle had at last been answered, and the republic perished, strangled in the toils of autocracy.

As well might I suppose that your monarchical sympathies deeply interest you in the autocracy of Dahomey and Drfur.