Monarchy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Monarchy:

So ended the last battle fought for the Monarchy of Granada!

When did Our Lady of Lourdes mean to bring back the monarchy?

Practically all the nations of the monarchy were represented in the fortress.

He was aware that so restless a people, when they had overthrown the monarchy, would not limit the overthrow to their own country.

This community is in itself a monarchy, composed of a queen, of males which are the drones, and of working bees called neuters.

Here was a voice in the wilderness crying for monarchy and the Divine-right of kings!

Do you mean some form of democracy, or oligarchy, or aristocracy, or monarchy?

"I am loyal to the monarchy," Joro grunted, pinioning her arms at last.

It is simply a form of government, just as monarchy or aristocracy are forms of government.

At present her monarchy is among the most liberal and progressive of Europe.