Dictatorship [noun]

Definition of Dictatorship:

absolute rule

Synonyms of Dictatorship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictatorship:

Sentence/Example of Dictatorship:

The goal is to make it easier to publicly shame governments that sell surveillance tools to dictatorships.

Coming from a dictatorship without presidential elections to a country with one of the strongest democracies on earth is a 360-degree turn, one to which I am still assimilating and beginning to understand.

However, your work has a high dose of activism against the dictatorship and in defense of LGBTQ rights.

This August, the situation changed dramatically, and the front pages of the world’s leading publications were full of stories about the courage of the Belarusian people who dared to challenge the 26-year-old dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko.

There are certain elements of dictatorship in it, in the sense that the president has primary authority to determine policy in a wide variety of areas.

Siyes desired a man who would overthrow the Directory and establish a dictatorship: Barras was coquetting with the Bourbons.

In this way he acquired a civil jurisdiction in connection with his military dictatorship.

If all the accounts of that dark dictatorship were true, they would have vanished from Terra, and not in their ships either.

On the 9th of February I proposed a military dictatorship, that alone was able to place on foot a hundred thousand armed men.

From him, Barrent learned that Earth was believed to be a dictatorship.