Lawfulness [noun]

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Read the full storyJenny Cudd was arrested and charged in federal court with entering a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

The Anne Arundel County police Department also supports all lawful expressions of freedom of speech and assembly.

While the illegal invasion of the Capitol by armed insurrectionists on Wednesday also revealed serious security flaws, it contrasted starkly with the lawful actions of British soldiers in 1814.

A now-recused prosecutor defended their actions this spring as part of a lawful “citizen’s arrest,” arguing that defendant Travis McMichael had grounds to use deadly force in self-defense.

Perhaps more than any other moment, this knocks Gaines down our “good” and “lawful” scales.

Despite this — mainly because of the strength of Washington’s acting — Boone manages to rate highly on our good and lawful scales.

The assurance that a fact of Covenanting is predicted is a substantial argument for its lawfulness.

It was his duty to make a return on that day; a decision as to the lawfulness of the election pertained to the house of commons.

They had ministers of their own appointment, and denied the lawfulness of oaths and of capital punishment.

The Elkins law, therefore, explicitly made the published tariff the standard of lawfulness.