Receptive [adjective]

Definition of Receptive:

open to new ideas

Opposite/Antonyms of Receptive:

Sentence/Example of Receptive:

His manner was anything but receptive so far as excuses were concerned.

We were always in the most receptive and sympathetic condition.

It is a phase of the life of the school, both in its active and its receptive states.

It wasn't just blank, either; Malone finally pinned it down as Receptive.

In this receptive mood the traveller reaches Lund and an automobile.

But their influence for good or evil comes to receptive characters.

In Natasha's receptive condition of soul this prayer affected her strongly.

He had the curious, receptive, alert and eager mind of a child.

There was no limit save that imposed by the receptive capacity of the guest.

The best of blood ran in her veins, and by nature she was quick, sympathetic and receptive.