Flustered [verb]

Definition of Flustered:

upset, perturb

Synonyms of Flustered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flustered:

Sentence/Example of Flustered:

She followed him into the clean little kitchen, half amused, half flustered.

Her color was unusually high, and had she been any but a lady of the grande monde I should have said that she was flustered.

"I'm so very sorry," Anson said, slightly flustered, remembering that this was always the crucial moment in a sale.

One of the servants and flatterers of Agathocles, whose name was Philo, came out to the stadium still flustered with wine.

Mr Neeld was sadly flustered by these recurring references to him.

However, it is probable that we were too much flustered to develop our position at any great length.

It had flustered me greatly, but she only laughed ringingly and delightsomely as I backed out of the room.

Ten minutes later the record had been mailed and the flustered Boyne was trotting around town with Mr. Fogg.

A suspicion of her aunt's proceedings was confirmed by the good woman's flustered state.

He was altogether flustered at this unexpected visit of McNab's, and at his wits' end what to say next.