Disconcerted [adjective]

Definition of Disconcerted:

confused; shaken

Synonyms of Disconcerted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disconcerted:

Sentence/Example of Disconcerted:

He was much disconcerted, and did not materially mend the matter by saying it was the first name that came into his head.

His flow of speech is incessant; he seems not a whit disconcerted by my evident disinclination to talk.

Just as the troop trotted past an incident occurred which disconcerted the hiders not a little.

Gilet had previously become disconcerted by the presence of the grain-dealer on the field of battle.

These vigorous measures disconcerted all the calculations of the Dutch monarch and of his partizans.

The curve of the lip and the lordly poise for an instant disconcerted even the Syrians.

But Mrs. Errington had at least one quality of a great lady—she was not easily disconcerted.

The revolution of Aranjuez was a bitter disappointment to the great schemer, and disconcerted his plans.

He did not appear to be in the least disconcerted, nor to feel the least uneasiness on account of his misfortune.

She hesitated, somewhat disconcerted at Oak's old-fashioned earnest conclusion to a dialogue lightly carried on.