Tensile [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tensile:

The tensile strength of that thread is correctly adjusted to the weight of the model.

Did you ever calculate the tensile strength of the material from which you blew the bubble?

The tensile stress on the steel may be 16,000 lb per sq. in.

The tensile strength of wood is least affected by drying, as a rule.

So was the gadget that reduced the tensile strength of concrete to about that of a good grade of marshmallow.

A large section of the ferro-concrete wall had sagged away and collapsed, having suddenly lost its tensile strength.

Steel rods add to the tensile strength of concrete which alone has a tremendous strength under compression.

The main reason linen thread has been advised for so long is because its tensile strength is much greater than that of cotton.

Considering the marked saving in weight spruce has a greater percentage of tensile strength than any of the other woods.

Tensile tests, although valuable, do not tell us all about the physical properties of a sample of rubber.