Arthritic [adjective]

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Death is usually due to generalization of the arthritic infection.

Arthritic symptoms and general disturbance are sometimes noted in severe cases.

There seem then to be six separate and distinct explanations of the cure of these Arthritic diseases.

Rheumatism may be thought of, with respect to arthritic inflammation caused thereby, as a sort of pyemia.

In North India this drug is used as emmenagogue and anti-arthritic, and in Banda for intermittent fevers and intestinal disorders.

Mr. X., fifty-three years of age, is a strong man of arthritic temperament.

Marked digital formication existed, but the arthritic pains were not so severe as in ordinary cases.

Arthritic disorders are always accompanied by a change in the blood.

For in all Arthritic disorders there is more or less of hepatic derangement.

Another set of feet had crossed this floor: small, boyish feet that took slow, arthritic steps.