Germinate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Germinate:

It’s hard for a computer to tell, for instance, whether a contiguous splotch of green lettuce leaves represents a single healthy seedling or a “double,” where two seeds germinated next to one another and will therefore stunt each other’s growth.

Seeds of both species germinated and grew in dirt mined from Hawaii or the Mojave Desert, as long as the plants were fertilized with a cocktail of nitrogen, potassium, calcium and other nutrients.

While the vast majority of protesters have been peaceful, strange seeds also germinated in America’s streets.

That sent to Sind, though said to have been carefully sown, also failed to germinate.

More thinking, and a greater experience of life, may cause him to germinate agreeably in a few years.

Does anyone know for sure how to get pawpaw seed to germinate?

This is a seed of such force and vitality, that it does not ask our leave to germinate.

The spores of a heartwood-inhabiting fungus cannot germinate and thrive unless they fall upon the heartwood of the tree.

Spores of parasitic fungi enter the cracks, germinate and infect the heartwood.

To make seeds germinate, air, and a certain degree of heat and moisture, are necessary.