Luxuriate [verb]

Definition of Luxuriate:

indulge, prosper

Synonyms of Luxuriate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luxuriate:

Sentence/Example of Luxuriate:

This passion at last gained such an ascendency over him that he seemed to court and luxuriate in waste and desolation.

Some few of its old houses remain, suggestive of its former life, and Flushing is left to luxuriate in the dreams of its past.

They seemed to fairly luxuriate in a soft, swampy place and were packed like sardines in some of the wallows.

His kingdom was not of this world, neither did he luxuriate in the "good things" of the earth.

His whole soul was engrossed in the contemplation of the wild and romantic adventures in which he expected to luxuriate.

Oh, you choose a garment for me to luxuriate in, Ronny returned.

How would you like to luxuriate upon these grass-fed fatlings of the prairie?

Northern Europe will again luxuriate in a climate that favoured the elephants that roamed in northern Asia and Switzerland.

It would be no reason for planting mulberry-trees in Scotland, that they luxuriate in the south of England.

Here the soul can luxuriate in prayer and meditation, holding fellowship with heaven.