Elaborating [verb]

Definition of Elaborating:

make detailed; expand

Synonyms of Elaborating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elaborating:

Sentence/Example of Elaborating:

Pelosi also suggested the House could play a bigger role in the standoff but did not elaborate.

The cases were traced back to three sources, Rooks said, declining to elaborate further.

It was not uncommon for a Virginia ham to be featured alongside elaborate continental meat pastries.

Some of those deals are focused just on affiliate sales, while others are more elaborate, featuring everything from original content production to augmented reality projects.

Instead of a complete reenactment of the big wedding, we see just enough to understand that what the world saw on live TV was an elaborate mockery of the fairy tale it pretended to be.

A spokeswoman for that office, Agapi Doulaveris, said it was still “looking into the matter” Tuesday afternoon and declined to elaborate.

A Texas Tech official said at the time that “other things” had come to light about Leach as well, though he never elaborated, and Leach would unsuccessfully sue the school for wrongful termination.

With its entry into the cloud gaming arena, Facebook is positing its competitors’ offerings are way too elaborate and expensive.

City Attorney Mara Elliott’s office has also said it cannot elaborate on what the City Council decided in last week’s closed session.

A representative for Renrenche declined to comment but said the contents of an emailed query sent to the company was inaccurate, without elaborating.