Reinforcing [verb]

Definition of Reinforcing:

strengthen, augment

Synonyms of Reinforcing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reinforcing:

Sentence/Example of Reinforcing:

The practicability of reinforcing you has been the subject of the gravest consideration.

The elastic limit of the reinforcing bars was taken at 50,000 lbs.

It was, undoubtedly, a reinforcing band which Muro had intercepted.

A thirteenth-century suit, with reinforcing plates, said to have been found with the other.

There is generally, but not always, a reinforcing piece over the forehead.

It has also the most complete set of reinforcing pieces in the Armoury.

The armet could be strengthened by the usual reinforcing pieces.

The reinforcing division is said to have embarked at Port Said on the 10th.

Two battalions of Tommies and the 3rd Brigade, 6000 or so, all told, reinforcing our boys.

We are reinforcing our lines daily, and I think the Russians must be doing the same.