Unraveling [verb]

Definition of Unraveling:


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Sentence/Example of Unraveling:

Why employ his slender thread of life in unraveling this intricate web.

Then, as was his custom, he would begin an unraveling of the notion.

His mind was preoccupied with unraveling the mystery of Rita.

I am fond of unraveling puzzles, and I believe I can take this apart.

Unraveling the mystery surrounding an old hermit and a poor boy.

In the unraveling of this mystery, Faye Duncan was to take a fair part.

Ill let you have all the fun of the unraveling, chortled Don.

Their method of life is like the unraveling of a snarled skein from the middle.

Alone once more I was in despair of unraveling the tangle in which I was involved.

I hoped you might bring A fresh mind to the riddle's unraveling.