Augmenting [verb]

Definition of Augmenting:

make greater; improve

Synonyms of Augmenting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Augmenting:

Sentence/Example of Augmenting:

A little crowd of idlers that had gathered was quickly augmenting now, and from some there came a cry of "Shame!"

He had, therefore, rejected the idea of lowering the present interest by augmenting the capital of the debt.

Thus, the ratio is augmenting in Illinois, and decreasing in Missouri.

Every footfall accelerated the completion, without augmenting, the certainty of evil.

The population exceeds forty thousand and is augmenting, and trade is in a flourishing condition.

The number of the near-sighted is augmenting, as is also the number of those who become 'far-sighted' before old age.

Provision was made for raising a regular army, and in case events should render it expedient, for augmenting it.

The wind and sea augmenting, I was unable to keep the ship head to sea, and therefore bore up for the rendezvous of Oxia.

At the sight of this resolution, each one asked himself whether Charles, instead of curing the disease, was not augmenting it.

With renewed diligence, he here resumed his labor of beating up recruits and of augmenting his stores.