Chrysalis [noun]

Definition of Chrysalis:


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Sentence/Example of Chrysalis:

It is hardly more than a hundred thousand years since terrestrial humanity evolved itself from the animal chrysalis.

In Leeming-street it was in the chrysalis state; in Fishergate the butterfly epoch has been reached.

As I look back I seem to myself to have been only a chrysalis.

Why remember the chrysalis after the butterfly is in the air?

This often lasts for two hours or more; it might be said that the cream remains in chrysalis, and refuses to butterfly!

A number of caterpillars operated on before my eyes attained, some sooner, some later, the chrysalis stage.

Under this slough appears the firm, chestnut-brown horn integument of the chrysalis.

Even Dickie had forsaken it, and the different caterpillars were all buried in their chrysalis state.

In spite of Mrs. Manners, the chrysalis had burst into the butterfly, and Wilmot House had never been so gay.

She was enveloped in a cloud, a thick case guarding overtaxed mind and body, and shutting them in its pellucid chrysalis.