Ranking [verb]

Definition of Ranking:

line up; classify in system

Synonyms of Ranking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ranking:

Sentence/Example of Ranking:

Linn was ranking officer, although there was little discipline.

I do not dream for a moment of ranking myself in the class of those who wish to rule.

In 1843 he graduated, ranking twenty-first in a class of thirty-nine.

And, since he was the ranking Exec, he was expected to give some sort of answer.

The officer taking the next place to a general, ranking with vice-admiral.

A divisional seaman of the first class, ranking with a sergeant or corporal.

You and I are to cruise in company, as far as it may be done, and you are ranking officer.

Prizes are never offered, and ranking of classes is unknown.

Army and navy men, ranking as captain or above, should put their rank on their cards.

The women, if not all patrons of the ranking "houses" and dressmakers, were correct.