Ladder [noun]

Definition of Ladder:

graduated system

Synonyms of Ladder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ladder:

Sentence/Example of Ladder:

His “renormalization group,” which he first described in 1971, justified QED’s tortured calculations and supplied a ladder to climb the scales of universal systems.

This approach means that when fires do occur, there’s often far more fuel to burn, and it acts as a ladder, allowing the flames to climb into the crowns and take down otherwise resistant mature trees.

We have heard from others who feel they have to not appear “angry” or “aggressive” in order to move up the corporate ladder.

I worked on Capitol Hill and kept working my way up the ladder.

The fall in spending is especially pronounced at the bottom of the ladder.

Our nation needs an inclusion revolution that recognizes that the best path for future growth lies in building ladders of success for women and all people of diverse backgrounds.

A few men below decks scrambled to ladders, but many bluejackets were trapped in the various compartments.

Sometimes it’s the competitors you knew about, but sometimes other sites have climbed up the authority ladder.

She’s well liked by the governor and has a preternatural ability to ascend political ladders.

Some of the alarm returned, however, when the creature attempted to climb up by his own ladder.